• Express freight / forwarding


  • Logistics / Warehousing


  • Excavation / Construction work


  • Additional / Assistance services


exT s.r.o. Expres transport


We are a dynamically developing company operating in several areas based in Žilina. Our priority is maximum satisfaction of our customers. In our region, we are an unrivaled and unique company that provides a wide range of services.

We specialize in freight transport / forwarding, warehousing / logistics, excavation / construction work, additional / assistance services.

During our operating on the market, we have built a network of regular clients who recommend us as a business partner. We have concluded long-term contractual contracts with many of them.

We approach the selection of employees responsibly, knowing that they are the first contact with clients.

Our priority is to provide services of the highest quality and we are constantly thinking about better options for you. Our employees try to plan and implement the requirements of our customers as soon as possible after the order, so part of our name is EXPRESS.

Our motto: