In the field of transport, we offer a wide range of services and we are able to meet most of the requirements of our clients.

- Transport of goods up to 3.5 tons
- Transport of goods over 3.5 tons
- Transport of goods from small to atypical oversized loads
- Transport of goods below a certain temperature (freezer)
- Transport of goods subject to ADR
- Special transport (medical supplies, medicines, etc.)
- Security transport (with personal protection)
- Courier transport of letter items and documents
- Transport of persons
- Transport of large groups of persons (bus)
- Emergency transport
- Just-in-time, Just-in-sequence
- Express transport
- Contractual and non-contractual transport
- Moving of companies, flats and home
- Cooperation with FO and PO
- Transport with BDF system
- Transport of bulk goods
- Transport of bulk material
- Transport with hydraulic arm


Our team of freight forwarders provides comprehensive solutions for arranging the transport of goods on the transport market throughout the world. They check every transport order from placing the order to the actual delivery of the goods, 24-hour inspection of the transported goods via GPS. Our freight forwarders are a team of educated transport managers who communicate with customers around the world in English, German, Polish, Hungarian and Italian.